Ontario caseload addition hits four-month high with 478 cases reported

Ontario saw 477 on May 7

Ontario reported its highest COVID-19 caseload addition in over four months as a spike in cases continues.

Public Health Ontario reported 478 cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday. You’d have to go back to May 7 to see a number close to that, at 477. It was higher on May 1, with 511 cases reported.

This continues a weeks-long rise in cases since mid-August. There were only 33 cases reported on August 10 and that number has been increasing steadily since.

This four-month high comes as the provincial government releases details of a proposed fall preparedness plan. In the plan are indications of increased testing capacities. Queen’s Park has vowed to ramp up testing to 50,000 a day.

On Tuesday, the province reported over 31,000 tests were run in its latest batch, with another 32,000 waiting in backlog. The province has regularly surpassed 25,000 tests run a day since the spring.