Ontario residents more likely to comply with COVID-19 precautionary measures

78 per cent said they would wear a mask if physical distancing not possible

Ontarians – women in particular – are more likely than others across Canada to wear a mask and wash their hands to protect against COVID-19.

A Stats Canada survey found eight in 10 Ontario respondents (78 per cent) said they would wear a mask if physical distancing was not possible. That compares with fewer than 70 per cent of those from other regions. Quebec residents were at the bottom of the list at about 52 per cent.

A majority of Ontario respondents (89.4 per cent) also said they have been avoiding large gatherings and remaining two metres away from others (87.3 per cent).

More than 90 per cent of survey respondents across all regions said they wash their hands more frequently now in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus with Ontario leading at 95.4 per cent.

The survey also found about 38 per cent of Canadian workers not feeling safe enough to return to work due to the pandemic.

“The most commonly reported reasons for not feeling safe were fear of contracting the virus and fear of infecting family members,” the survey said.

The online survey was conducted by Statistics Canada between June 15 and June 21.

Men were generally less likely than women to report whether they would follow COVID-19 health precautions, and young Canadians (ages of 15 -24) were less likely to report whether they would wear a mask or remain physically distanced from others.