Ontario schools will not reopen April 6 as COVID-19 cases continue to climb

Premier Doug Ford said the back-to-school date is unrealistic

Premier Doug Ford put aside any doubt at a news conference this afternoon that Ontario schools would reopen on April 6.

He said the scheduled back-to-school date is unrealistic.

The province extended the March Break by two weeks, just days before the premier declared a state of emergency in Ontario.

Premier Ford said his education minister would have more details about the next steps in the days ahead.

“The reality is April 6 is not realistic right now,” Ford said during a news conference at Queen’s Park. “We’re in a state of emergency.”

“Our priority is making sure our kids are safe, that’s our number one priority.”

To keep kids engaged in studying, parents were given some tools to home-school their children while they are out of the classroom.

High school students can access an online learning portal that includes academic and applied courses.

Elementary students are being offered educational programming by on Television Ontario (TVO) that will offer a variety of shows including programs about math, science and language.

Ford made mention of the extended school closures while responding to a media question.

As for a return date, the Premier did not offer one.