Reports: Ontario vaccine passport details coming next week

Premier Ford has up until now rejected a certification system

Premier Doug Ford appears ready to do an about-face regarding vaccine passports and will institute a vaccine certification program, according to numerous reports.

The passport would prove individuals are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Just days ago, some health units floated the idea of creating their own vaccine passports if the Ontario government wasn’t prepared to act.

In provinces like Quebec, vaccine certification will be required as of September 1 for residents 13-years-old and up in non-essential settings such as bowling alleys, gyms, movie theatres, restaurants, and bars.

A vaccine passport is also being launched in Manitoba and British Columbia next month.

Reports suggest the premier and his cabinet will meet next week to rubberstamp the plan.

Ford was asked about vaccine passports earlier this summer and he outright rejected the idea saying it would create a “split society.”

Since then, calls have grown louder from numerous stakeholders such as businesses, healthcare, educators and municipalities to create some sort of vaccine certification to indicate people have been immunized.

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Ford to “step up” and implement a provincewide vaccine passport. Trudeau promised that if his government was reelected, the Liberals would provide financial assistance to the creation of provincial vaccine passports.

As of Friday, 75.6 per cent of Ontario residents 12 years of age and up have been fully vaccinated, while 82.6 per cent have received at least one vaccine dose.