OPP discourages recreational boating amid non-essential travel restrictions

Those who do need to be out on the water are reminded to take every precaution

OPP would like to remind people that the ice melting is not an invitation to take your boats out.

With the regulations on non-essential travel in effect, boaters should not be out on the water unless they have to. For those who must, it is still extremely important to stay safe when on the water in the spring.

Life jackets should always be warn on the water, especially given the low temperature of water this time of year. If the waters are too cold, consider waiting for thing to warm up.

If you do need to go out, make sure someone is aware of your plan and what time you should return. Be sure to pay attention to the forecast and be prepared at all times with the essential safety gear on hand.

Again, emergencies can arise at a moment’s notice and going out puts yourself as well as those around you at risk.