OPP remind snowmobilers to check trail status and ice conditions before heading out

Police say if you don't know, don't go

News release – Southern Georgian Bay OPP

Officers from the Southern Georgian Bay OPP Detachment and staff of the Mid Ontario Snowmobile Clubs (MOST) remind snowmobilers that just because winter returned late this week, the trails may not be open nor may the ice be anywhere near seasonal conditions.

A few routes have been opened in the North Simcoe area but, the majority of OFSC trails are still currently unavailable and snowmobilers need to stay off all OFSC trails except those that are open. Check for trail status updates on the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide when planning your ride and fishing enthusiasts may wish to view the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) website. Those who ride on closed trails face possible fines and risk not having insurance coverage should an incident occur.

If you have to travel out onto an ice surface, always remember that “No Ice Is Safe Ice” and you need to be aware of current & past weather conditions, recent commercial ice-breaking activity along with checking with area residents who have “local knowledge of ice conditions”. The following websites are a must-see for those who travel on ice surfaces- Cold Water Boot Camp along with https://twitter.com/OPP_News/status/1342817627077488641 .

If You Don’t Know, Don’t Go!

Lastly, booze and drugs never mix with snowmobiling and impairing one’s judgement while riding on newly opened trails and/or unknown and dangerous ice conditions is only a recipe for a tragedy to happen #NeverEndsWell!

Banner image via Southern Georgian Bay OPP