‘Can’t make this up,’ tweet OPP as truck driver, then boss fail roadside screen

Officer that laid the charges had a similar experience in July

The driver of a commercial vehicle and his boss both struck out.

Huronia West OPP stopped a commercial vehicle for inspection on Highway 26 in Clearview Township on Tuesday night. The officer suspected the motorist had consumed alcohol before driving. The driver submitted to a roadside screening and registered for the presence of alcohol. His driver’s licence was suspended for three days.

“Dejectedly, and with a handful of “educational paperwork” (tickets), the driver called his boss to pick him up from the traffic stop,” police said in a tweet.

When the ride arrived, the officer determined “the boss” was also under the influence of alcohol. The driver registered an alert on the roadside screening and his driver’s licence was suspended for three days.

Police say the officer who laid the charges is the same one who charged a motorist with impaired driving in New Lowell last month and then charged his friend who had come to pick him up and had recently received a 3-day licence suspension for failing a roadside screening.

Banner image: @OPP_CR