Orillia launches economic development community survey

Responses to help shape five-year strategic plan

News release – City of Orillia

The City of Orillia is undertaking the development of a five-year Economic Development Strategic Plan and is inviting residents, businesses, community organizations, and visitors of Orillia to participate in a community survey to help shape the future of economic development services in Orillia.

“There have been many changes in the ways business is conducted. The economic development landscape is shifting, from the availability of labour and remote work to location-to-market-based decisions and beyond,” said Mayor Don McIsaac. “A refreshed Economic Development Strategic Plan ensures we are staying current with the needs and ambitions of our residents and businesses. Have your say to help shape Orillia’s economic future for the next five years.”

The Economic Development Strategic Plan will identify Orillia’s economic vision, mission, and goals while providing Council and staff with an actionable framework to guide economic development planning and build economic vitality over the next five years. The community survey provides an opportunity for participants to share opinions, experiences, and ideas that will help develop the strategy, drive economic development planning and shape the future of the local economy.

“As Orillia experiences steady population and new business growth, it is a great time to engage with community members and partners and have their input be reflected in an updated action plan to help strengthen an already thriving year-round local economy,” said Ryan Lay, Manager of Economic Development.

To participate in the online community survey, please visit orillia.ca/EconomicDevelopmentStrategy. Hard copies of the survey are also available and can be accessed at multiple locations throughout the City. The survey is available until Friday, Jan. 19, 2024. For assistance accessing the survey, please contact the City of Orillia Business Development office at 705-325-4900 or edc@orillia.ca. All survey responses will be kept confidential and will be reported in grouped or aggregated form.

In addition to the community survey, the City’s Business Development office will be hosting community engagement sessions and completing interviews with key stakeholders including employers, local and regional business support partners, post-secondary students, and tourism organizations to gather and analyze community-driven economic development ideas that will help determine the recommended actions of the five-year plan.

For more information about the Economic Development Strategic Plan or to sign up for updates on the project, visit orillia.ca/EconomicDevelopmentStrategy.

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