Orillia Going Smoke- and Vape-Free

New By-Law Taking Effect Mid-May

Orillia is saying don’t smoke ’em if you got ’em, even if vaping.

As of May 15th, all city properties will be smoke- and vape-free, including city parks, trails, beaches, city parking lots, docks or piers, or on any boat moored on City property that doesn’t have sleeping, cooking or toilet facilities.

“The City of Orillia is hiring a part-time Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer to assist with enforcement of the by-law and will be erecting new signage throughout the city to advise people which properties will be smoke and vape free. These costs are being subsidized through provincial funding provided by the Ministry of Finance associated with the legalization of cannabis,” said Shawn Crawford, Manager of Legislative Services. 

There are exceptions to every rule however, with the City saying the following is exempt:

  • Smoking/vaping on any portion of a highway (this includes sidewalks) as municipalities do not have any jurisdiction to regulate this area;
  • Smoking/vaping while situated on a vessel containing sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities that is moored within any City-owned or leased water lot;
  • Smoking/vaping on a campsite within a park, provided the campsite has been approved by the City in conjunction with a special event;
  • Entitled to possess cannabis for medical purposes and can provide the necessary documentation;
  • The current designated smoking area at the City-owned Nordia property (2 Hunter Valley Rd.) and the Stephen Leacock Museum (50 Museum Dr.) during special events, subject to a smoking permit being issued by the City’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.