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City of Orillia and Hydro One promote water safety and drowning prevention with Lifesaving Sport program

The Lifesaving Sport program will be open to everyone eight years of age and up

News release from the City of Orillia

The City of Orillia and Hydro One are pleased to announce the Lifesaving Sport program, an internationally recognized sport that teaches young people drowning prevention skills through high-performance sport and competition.

The first of its kind in Orillia, the Lifesaving Sport program will be open to everyone eight years of age and up with tryouts taking place on Oct. 1, 2022 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Orillia Recreation Centre (255 West St. S.).

“The City of Orillia is excited to bring Lifesaving Sport to our community. With the support of Hydro One, and the opportunities made possible to us through the aquatic facilities at our new Orillia Recreation Centre, we can expand our aquatics programming to offer this unique sport in Orillia,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “Lifesaving Sport takes the water rescue and combines it with swimming competition making our community a safer place while fostering the development of our local athletes. I encourage anyone who is interested in participating in this exciting new sport to attend tryouts on October 1.”

“Hydro One feels a deep responsibility to be present and support the organizations working tirelessly to build safe communities,” said Jay Armitage, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Hydro One. “By teaching the importance of water safety through spirited competition, the Lifesaving Sport program will prevent drowning and promote safe play for children in Orillia for years to come. We are proud to support the City of Orillia in the launch of this incredible initiative.”

“Lifesaving Sport combines both athletic and lifesaving skills in a fun and energetic team environment and provides opportunities to learn valuable lifelong skills, effective communication, teamwork and leadership,” said Christine Wareing, Aquatic and Fitness Supervisor. “We are very excited to offer this opportunity to the community and put Orillia on the map as a competitive lifesaving team.”

The minimum requirement to join the Orillia Lifesaving Team is to swim at least 50m and tread water for 60 seconds. After being assessed, each participant will be placed into a Lifesaving Sport group based on their age and swimming level. The program will take place from October to June and will include practice one-to-three times per week depending on the participants’ level.

Lifesaving Sport is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation, and competitions are held in Ontario, Canada and internationally, depending on the level. Support from Hydro One will provide brand new equipment for the program, including manikins, throw rope, rescue tubes and fins, and cover additional start-up costs.

To learn more about Lifesaving Sport and the Orillia Lifesaving Team, and to register for tryouts, please visit orillia.ca/OLT.