SIU will not charge an OPP officer after Orillia man suffers broken ribs in arrest

Police attempted to arrest the man for breaching his release conditions

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has cleared an OPP officer and will not lay criminal charges in connection with broken ribs suffered by a 41-year-old man during his arrest in Orillia last August.

The SIU says on Aug. 29, 2021, two officers sought to arrest the man for breaching his release conditions. He was seen riding a bicycle in the area of Front Street South. He attempted to elude officers and was forced to the ground, where he continued to resist, according to a news release from the SIU, and was met by a knee strike to the left side delivered by an officer. The man was eventually handcuffed.

According to the SIU, the man was diagnosed with two left-sided rib fractures.

The SIU ruled the force used by the officer broke the man’s ribs, but there were no reasonable grounds to believe the officer acted other than lawfully through the interaction with him.