Ousted MPP Says He Was Punished For Not Toeing Party Line

Randy Hillier Says He Refused to Breach Oath Of Office, Lists Other Reasons For Ouster

Former caucus member Randy Hillier is fighting back against the PC party that ousted him, with an open letter posted to twitter today.

In the letter, he acknowledges tension within the party was high before he was accused of saying “yadda, yadda, yadda” to a parent of an autistic child or NDP MPP, alleging there was an “underhanded and relentless campaign” to get him out of the party before this even occured.

The letter outlines ten reasons why he feels he was forced from caucus, including his refusal to breach oath of office and raising concerns over possible illegal lobbying.

Speaking on behalf of the PC Party during Question Period Monday morning, MPP Steve Clark denies any wrongdoing by the party.