“Outdated and offensive” comments spur calls for Amaranth Mayor’s resignation

Council meeting comments made following inquiry about pride flag

A petition is circulating online calling for the mayor of Amaranth to step down.

The community northwest of Orangeville was asked in a letter about flying the pride flag this year, Mayor Bob Currie accused of providing a homophobic response, claiming homosexuals cannot produce offspring. “If everybody was either lesbian or homosexual, this would be the last generation on Earth because two homosexuals cannot produce offspring. Two lesbians cannot produce offspring. So why would I want to support something when this could be the last generation on Earth? I’m not going there!”

Audio taken from council meeting, June 17 2020

According to the 2016 census by Statistics Canada, about one in eight same-sex couples had children living with them, compared to about half of opposite-sex couples.

Since making these comments during a June 17 meeting of Amaranth Council, a petition has been established, calling for his resignation. “Everyone has a right to their beliefs, however a belief like this one should not be allowed to lead a community. It is outdated and offensive,” reads the petition. Over 1,800 had signed the online form as of noon Wednesday, with a goal of 2,500. The petition is to the Township of Amaranth and its integrity commissioner.

Barrie 360 has reached out to Mayor Bob Currie for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.