Pay raise for Metro and Loblaws employees during COVID-19 outbreak

Grocery stores are considered an essential service and cannot be shuttered

Employees at Metro and Loblaws who are working during the COVID-19 pandemic are going to get a pay bump of $2 an hour.

This is for grocery store and distribution workers.

Metro and the union that represents Loblaws workers say the wage boost is retroactive to March 8.

Metro says the raise will last until May 2, but the Loblaws union did not give an end date.

The grocery chains say the wage hike is an acknowledgment of the tough bu necessary work their employees are doing during an unprecedent time.

Even for the sake of social distancing, grocery stores are an essential service and cannot be closed.

Plexiglas barriers at service counters are being installed at both chains in an effort to protect employees from becoming infected.