Demolition crews getting set to tear down Penetanguishene Secondary School

Perimeter fences going up before building comes down

Expect to see fencing going up around the site of the former Penetanguishene Secondary School. It’s the first step in tearing the building down.

Workers are in the first stages of demolishing the derelict building, which includes perimeter fencing to control access to the site, along with a cleanup of the site. It is expected this step will take about two weeks to complete.

This came following two memorial tours of the former school. Hundreds turned out to visit the site in mid-August. “The significance of this property and memories it holds for our community members were not forgotten during this process. Town staff did an exceptional job at hosting two PSS Memorial Walk-Throughs to allow those interested a moment to say farewell” says Mayor Doug Leroux.

The decision to demolish the school came after the town purchased it. At the time, the municipality was assured the building was in relatively good condition. However, an assessment indicated the structure required tens of millions of dollars in repair over the next ten years.

Town council then opted to demolish the structure at a cost of about $1.5 million. Plans for the property are in the works, with an update expected in the Spring of 2022.