Pet Of The Month: December Edition

It's Im'paws'ible Not To Love These Pets

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runner-ups:

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December 2019 Pet Of The Month Winner:


His name is Christmas, how could we not pick him? His owners found him starving with a broken leg before rushing him to an emergency clinic. Eleven years later, he’s happy, healthy, and ‘fur’ever grateful.

December 2019 Pet Of The Month Runner-Ups:


If you called Winnie a superhero, you wouldn’t be far off. She is trained to sniff out biochemical changes in her owers body so she can be alerted. Don’t worry though, Winnie gets lots of snuggles, treats, and playtime for all her hard work.


A new addition to their family, Louis loves treats, walks, and is always ready to show off his toys to visitors. He’s also full of energy and looks cute as a button in his Christmas hat.


Gordie is a big brother of sorts to his owers 2-year old daughter and it’s hard to decide which one is cuter. He loves chewing through his toys and never leaving her side.


A 5-year-old Shihpoo, Kali loves to cuddle, go for walks, and play fetch. She is occasionally spoiled with human food and is always trying to squeeze her head into places with just enough room to fit.


Rocco loves playing with his feline sisters but in this instance “play” means “mess with”. He also loves his toys, snuggling on the couch, and watching the Christmas lights.


Thor is proof that anyone can find happiness. After moving through 8 different homes he finally found his way to his current owners who patiently worked on building his trust and have now had him for over 5 years.


Weighing in at 130lbs, Dozer is a Great Pyrenees/Rottweiler mix who loves acting as a giant pillow for the kids. He is also a geriatric therapy dog so his calm nature rubs off on everybody he meets.


Leona is snuggly and energetic with a fiery personality. She was adopted on Christmas Eve last year and has been happily posing for pictures ever since. Hopefully she keeps it up because she is oh-so-photogenic.


Cash is a German shorthaired pointer mix who loves going for car rides, getting doggy cones, and sneaking treats off the bottom shelf of the store when his mom is busy paying. He’s always in a happy mood unless he’s getting a bath, in which case he looks none too impressed.