Pet of the Month: September Edition

Fur-ociously cute pet incoming!

This Barrie 360 feature has been brought to you by Pet Value – Yonge StWellingtonInnisfil.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of your adorable furry friends! Here is this month’s winner, as well as the runner-ups:

September 2020 Pet of the Month:

Aries & Peanut

Who doesn’t love a cute couple? When their owners brought home Peanut the cat to meet Aries the dog, they wondered why they were ever worried they wouldn’t get along. They are now inseparable!

September 2020 Pet of the Month Runner-ups:


Baxter is a 9-year-old Black Lab rescue who loves belly rubs, walks, and playing with his toys. This is how he begs for attention (and it usually works).


Tank is a Blue Cane Corso who is only 13-weeks-old and is utterly adorable! He is a brand new addition to the family and they can’t wait to shower him with love.


The title for the cutest breed of puppy is a tight one, but it might just go to the Dalmatian. Frankie is 5-months-old and loves to go on walks and meet other animals (including horses!).


Puppies are cute, but sometimes dogs like Jessie the Collie/Sheppard mix manage to stay adorable all the way to age 15! She still has some of the energy of a pup too!


Chinny is a 6-year-old rescue from Wasaga Beach who loves to take trips down to the Barrie Lakeshore for walks, meet new people, and take majestic pictures like a movie star.


There’s not a lot that Bently the 5-month-old Terrier doesn’t enjoy whether it’s chewing sticks, digging holes, and playing with his toys. He also has a feeling he’s not in Kansas anymore.


When Pino’s owner went to visit the Barrie SPCA 7 years ago, he jumped right up onto their shoulder and they knew right then, this was their new cat!


Wicca’s owners are what’s called a “failed foster”. After fostering her for a month, they decided they just couldn’t let her go and adopter her themselves!


Besides having a unique name, Sniper also has a funny story because up until their first visit to the vet, her owners thought she was a boy! It turned out she was a Snipe-her!