Man charged after pickup truck flips over guardrail on Highway 400

Severn man has a long list of charges to deal with

Provincial police located a pickup truck that had gone over a guardrail on Highway 400 at the southbound on-ramp at Highway 12 in Tay Township around 11:30 Wednesday night, but there was no driver to be found.

Police say there were fresh footprints in the snow leading from the scene.

A search for the driver began with assistance from the canine unit and emergency response team, then an hour later, an officer patrolling Sandhill Road northeast of Coldwater was approached by a vehicle with several people inside. The officer noticed a passenger had recent injuries and made a determination that this was the driver of the pickup truck they were searching for.

The man was arrested after police say he refused to provide a breath sample.

A 37-year-old from Severn Township was charged with:

  • Failure or Refuse to Comply with Demand
  • Obstruct Peace Officer
  • Resist Peace Officer
  • Fail to Remain
  • Fail to Surrender License

His driver’s licence has been suspended for 90 days and is vehicle is the pound for a week.

The man has a court date later this month in Midland.