“Pink Sauce” is going viral after people claim the bright condiment isn’t safe for consumption

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A new colourful condiment made famous on Tik Tok is getting some heat.

“Pink sauce” is the invention of Miami-based “Chef Pii” and has been going viral after many who purchased the product say it seems sketchy.

It’s available to purchase online for $20 a bottle.

In the video for the sauce, “Chef Pii” dips various foods in a bubble gum-looking concoction. According to the website, “Pink Sauce” contains dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, garlic, and chili.

Reactions to the original videos had people gagging at how weird it looked to dip your chicken fingers into what looks like Pepto Bismol.

People soon became concerned with the safety of the product.

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Some are worried about proper refrigeration when the product is shipped; others said the ingredients are not clearly labeled on the bottle.

Others complained about leaky bottles, while others worried the sauce wasn’t made in a certified food-safe kitchen.

Regardless of people’s concerns, many have been curious to try it.

Pii recently explained that Pink Sauce is indeed made in a food
safe kitchen.

In an interview with the Washington post she said it’s made in a commercial facility that is certified by the Food and Drug Administration and not a home kitchen, as some people suggested.

She’s also apologized for early mistakes saying, “This is a small business that is moving really, really fast.” adding they are fixing their issues.



♬ original sound – PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

feature image courtesy of chef pii via tik tok