Published June 17, 2024

D.C. Taylor Jewellers


411 Bayfield St, Barrie, ON
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D.C. Taylor Jewellers isn't just a store; it's a family legacy. Founded in 1895 by David Creighton Taylor in Owen Sound, this business has thrived for over a century, passing its passion for exquisite jewelry down through five generations.

A Family Affair: Generations of Expertise

Today, D.C. Taylor Jewellers continues its commitment to excellence with each family member bringing a unique skillset to the table:

  • Creighton Taylor: A master goldsmith, Creighton breathes life into your jewelry dreams, crafting timeless pieces with his artisan hands.
  • Paul Taylor: A seasoned watchmaker, Paul meticulously repairs and maintains cherished timepieces, ensuring they keep perfect time for generations to come.
  • Jeff & John Taylor: These expert gemologists hand-select and evaluate the finest gemstones, adding brilliance and value to every D.C. Taylor creation.

More Than Just Products: An Unforgettable Experience

At D.C. Taylor Jewellers, it's about more than just the jewelry.

"We have had a wonderful experience with DC Taylor. Working with David, we designed a custom wedding band, and custom gifts for our parents, using vintage jewelry. The process has been amazing from start to finish."

J Malowney

They're dedicated to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. Regardless of whether you're purchasing a battery change or a diamond ring, their friendly and knowledgeable staff makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

A Legacy of Excellence Continues

D.C. Taylor Jewellers looks to the future with a blend of tradition and innovation. They plan to explore new horizons while staying true to the core values of fine craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

As they continue to evolve, create, and share their passion for exquisite jewelry, they invite you to join their journey.

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