Police Chief’s name used in new twist to Publishers Clearing House scam

Call from 'Chief' tried to convince woman scam was legitimate

South Simcoe Police Chief Andrew Fletcher is not a scam artist.

But one might wonder after several calls received by a woman trying to convince her to hand over a large amount of cash.

The first call indicated she had won a large cash prize and a car from Publishers Clearing House, but she would have to send money to cover the taxes on the prize.

Then she said she got a call from a ‘lawyer’ offering to help her arrange the payment.

Then, came a call from someone posing as South Simcoe Police Chief Andrew Fletcher trying to convince her the previous calls were legitimate.

South Simcoe Police Chief Andrew Fletcher

The woman called police to confirm it was a scam, and Chief Fletcher did not call her.

The South Simcoe Police Service advises residents to keep these tips in mind if you get a call from someone who says you won a prize:

  • Never pay for winning a prize or the lottery
  • Don’t send money or gift cards to pre-pay taxes, pay a legal fee or any kind of fee to claim a lottery prize
  • Be suspicious of callers claiming you’ve won money but ask you to send money
  • Never give personal or financial information to a caller you don’t know
  • Hang up and verify if the call is legitimate by contacting the organization that called you
  • Police will never call you to confirm a lottery win. Always hang up and call the actual police to report the incident
  • Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam