Police Pull Vehicle Over… Twice

Woman Accused of Driving Off Before Police Were Done

A Barrie woman is facing a host of charges after being accused of stopping for policeā€¦ and then not stopping for police.

The South Simcoe Police radar gun was pointed at Sideroad 5 near the 11th Line around 5:00 p.m. Monday, when police say it sounded off at a vehicle exceeding the speed limit by 30km/h. The vehicle was stopped, and the driver stepped out into a live lane of traffic. Over concerns it was a hazard for both the driver and the officer, the woman was ordered back into her car.

That’s when police say she took off, passing an OPP cruiser that was just arriving on the scene. Both the South Simcoe Police and OPP pursued the suspect vehicle. A 43-year-old woman has been charged with Speeding and Fail to Stop on Right for an Emergency Vehicle. No one was injured during the incident.