Poll: More Canadians willing to take a jab against COVID

Hesitancy to get vaccinated over worries about blood clots, according to survey

A survey suggests a growing number of Canadians are going to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The new poll from Abacus Data found 71 per cent have had the shot or will take one soon — up from 63 per cent a few weeks ago.

The study found 29 per cent are somewhat hesitant while 16 per cent said they will get vaccinated but prefer to wait longer.

The report said the major factors influencing hesitancy are concern the long-term impact of vaccines may not be known and worries about the risk of blood clots.

Five per cent of respondents said they would prefer not to get a jab, as eight per cent said they will never be vaccinated.

As to which vaccine Canadians would like to receive, an overwhelming majority at 85 per cent picked Pfizer, 71 per cent chose Moderna, 47 per cent for Johnson and Johnson and 40 per cent went with Astra Zeneca.