Premier Ford to announce Stage 2 plans early next week but warns they will not begin immediately

Ford says the feds $14 billion offer "won't cut it"

We will find out more about when the province will enter Stage 2 of its reopening plan next week, but measures “will not begin immediately.”

Premier Doug Ford said Ontario needs more help from the federal government first.

“The $14 billion announced by Prime Minister Trudeau today won’t cut it,” Ford said on Friday from Queen’s Park.

“We need $23 billion alone here in Ontario,” Ford said. “We’re paying more to the feds than they are paying back to us.”

Earlier Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Ottawa offered the provinces and territories $14 billion to restart their economies.

Ford said he’s not looking to Ottawa to pay Ontario’s bills, but that he wants to have a dialogue with the federal government about federal support.

Ontario Finance minister Rod Phillips acknowledged that there will need to be additional spending to get out of the pandemic.

Phillips said municipalities will need $10 to $15 billion in financial support.
“I agree it doesn’t make sense that people can go to the dentist or get a massage but not a haircut,” Premier Doug Ford said.

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Premier Ford was asked when struggling hair salons and barbershops will be allowed to reopen.

Ford said he agrees it doesn’t make sense that people can go to the dentist or get a massage but not a haircut, but then passed-off the question.

Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Vic Fedeli, responded but did not clarify if salons will be part of the upcoming Stage 2 announcement.

Premier Ford says he does not support paid sick leave

As the federal government discusses the possibility of implementing 10 paid sick days for workers across Canada, Premier Ford said he doesn’t support the idea.

Ford also suggested most premiers, other than B.C.’s John Horgan, are against paid sick days as well.

The premier concluded his daily news briefing by saying he doesn’t think Ontario is moving too slowly. “We’re moving cautiously and once the province ramps up … we’ll make sure Ontario is humming again,” Ford said.

Ontario reported 344 additional cases of COVID-19 on Friday and that 22,730 tests were processed yesterday, the most tests to date.