Premier Ford urges manufacturing sector to help deal with Ontario’s medical supply shortage

President and CEO of Barrie hospital says RVH currently has 36 ventilators

The manufacturing industry in Ontario was urged today by Premier Ford to consider redeploying their operations to produce medical supplies needed to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our health-care workers are running out of key items,” said Ford. “We need ventilators, face masks, surgical gowns, protective eyewear, hand sanitizer, medical gloves, swabs, disinfecting wipes and lab-testing equipment.”

The province has launched a new website to identify its supply shortages, solicit ideas and advice from Ontario business and manufacturing communities.

Companies will be able to submit proposals for the government to procure required goods and services through the portal.

Janice Skot, President and CEO of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, said today the facility has 36 ventilators.

“We have acquired additional ventilators that are coming into our building, we believe next week.”

Skot said they are doing everything to increase the number of ventilators the hospital has and ensuring they have the staff and supplies available if, in fact, an expanded intensive care unit becomes necessary.

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