Prime Minister says provinces must use some of $14B in federal support to address schooling and daycare issues

Can't restart economy without childcare for workers

You can’t get workers back to their jobs to restart the economy without childcare.

Parents across the country say there seems to be more focus on getting professional sports back on track than there is to getting them back to their jobs.

Questionned during his daily media conference Friday, Prime Minister Trudeau said one of the conditions around the provinces sharing $14-billion in federal funding is that some of the money is to be directly focussed on ensuring children will be safe. He said that includes, not just kids under the age of six, but school-aged children as well. “We know that we cannot restart the economy if parents are not confident their kids are going to be safe and well-cared for … that’s why we hope the provinces will agree to take this money and make these investments as quickly as possible.”

Skilled Trades Training

The Prime Minister announced a three-year, $40-million dollar investment in a Union Training and Innovation Program to help Canadians get the support and training they need to secure good, well-paying jobs. “Skilled tradespeople are a vital part of our workforce. They build our towns, our cities, our communities – they will play an important role as we restart the economy.” Trudeau said the pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge for Canada.

Cabinet to discuss keeping Canadians safe moving forward; discrimination; racism

Trudeau also announced he will be hosting a two-day virtual cabinet retreat next week to map out the government’s approach, going forward, in an effort to keep Canadians safe and healthy and keep the economy strong. There will also be a discussion about how to make the country more resilient to potential future waves of COVID-19. Systemic discrimination and systemic racism will also be on the agenda.