Prizes Up For Grabs at BBQ Supporting Downtown Charity

Glowing Hearts Recognizing Moms During Fundraising Effort

Tucked away in downtown Barrie is a little shop with big aspirations.

The Glowing Hearts Community Give & Get Centre is a charity store that makes sure those in need have access to free clothing, and survives on donated material and funding. A fundraiser this weekend not only aims to raise more of both, but also to make people aware the store is there.

Cindy Thompson helps run the place, and hopes more people learn about its mission. “You can spread the word” says Thompson. “Go online, share our page, share our stories, our event, just get our name out there so they know who we are.” A fundraising BBQ gets underway Saturday morning at 10:00, with funds to go directly into the Glowing Hearts’ operating costs.

Cindy says they’ll stick with the theme of the weekend, and offer up special perks for Mom ahead of Mother’s Day. “Doesn’t matter if you’re a mom of a little one with two feet, with four feet, with no feet that slithers, doesn’t matter. If you are a mom, or you have a mom that you want to bring down to the centre and acknowledge everything she’s done, then come on down.”

There will be special gifts for the mom in your life on offer at the BBQ, while Cindy says there is also a silent auction with some great prizes up for grabs. Prom dresses are available with a five dollar donation. More information is available on the event’s Facebook page.

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The Glowing Hearts centre was a dying wish of Cindy’s father, Frank Nelson. Following a cancer diagnosis in 2013, Frank devoted his remaining time to bettering the lives of the less fortunate through a bucket list. One of the items on the list was the Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get.

Frank passed away in December of 2017.