Province scraps blue licence plates, going back to “Yours to Discover” white plates

Stakeholders said plate gave off a glare in specific lighting conditions creating visibility issues

If you have a white”Yours to Discover” licence plate, you’ll be keeping it.

In a statement from the premier’s office, the Ford government said today that after thorough testing by law enforcement and other key stakeholders, the province is following their advice and will not be moving forward with the new plate for passenger vehicle use.

licence Plate

The so-called “Plate Gate” controversy erupted in February after police officers, the Ontario Safety League and other stakeholders pointed out issues with the blue plates, in particular they were difficult to read.

For several days, the government stuck to its guns and said there were no visibility issues before finally admitting there was a problem and asked manufacturer 3M Canada to fix the issue.

In today’s statement, the province said about 145,000 of the new plates were manufactured while the government awaited final testing results from stakeholders. The government said it is exploring all options to use these licence plates where they would be appropriate for an alternative use, such as trailers or recreational vehicles.

The government said they’ll be exhausting all remaining passenger plates that are in stock, including the existing supply of blue licence plates.