Province’s Auditor General Says Ontario’s Green Plan Won’t Be Effective

Miscalculations and Changes In Policy Cited

Ontario’s Auditor General is out with her annual report on the ins and outs of Queen’s Park, saying the Ford Government’s plan to tackle climate change won’t work as advertised.

AG Bonnie Lysyk says the Ford Government is unlikely to meet the reduced emissions target stipulated in the Paris Accord, based on the province’s new environmental plan.

The Auditor General cites altered policies and some miscalculations as the reasoning behind it, using electric vehicles as an example; Lysyk says Ontario is counting on a 3,000% uptick in electric vehicle use within ten years, despite Queen’s Park having canceled an electric vehicle incentive program last year.

The report released by the Auditor General today also indicates that there is no evidence coming from the Ford Government, supporting its claim that “future innovations” by the private sector will lower emissions.

The entire report can be viewed on the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario’s website.