Provincial COVID-19 death toll eclipses 2,000

Decreased testing noted by public health officials

Public Health Ontario says there are now over 2,000 dead across the province, after another 28 lives were lost since yesterday.

In its daily caseload update, the provincial health body raised the number of deceased in connection to COVID-10 to 2,021, including 1,262 lives lost in long-term care homes.

A majority of lives lost to COVID in Ontario were those of long-term care home residents

This comes as another 441 cases were added to the provincial caseload. Public Health Ontario reports its caseload now stands at 24,187; that includes the aforementioned deaths as well as 18,767 recoveries, an increase of 258 people and over 76 percent of all cases.

Health officials say these results come after running 11,276 tests, far shy of the provincial goal of 16,000 tests run daily. There was a backlog of 5,516 tests waiting to be run.

The decreased testing rate comes the same day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the opposite is needed if the economy is to reopen, “We need to scale up our testing capacity,” he said during his daily update from Rideau Cottage.

He announced that federal employees have been trained to make 3,600 contact tracing calls a day to aid in tracking down those who have come into contact with folks testing positive for COVID. The PM added Statistics Canada has made 1,700 of its interviewers available to aid in calling around, with the ability to make 20,000 calls a day.