The newest “Purple Wiggle” has people asking for more fruit salad,”Yummy Yummy”

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The internet is going insane for the newest member of the Wiggles.

Singer and dancer John Pearce, known as “Big Strong John,” has been donning the purple outfit since 2021 for the children groups expanded lineup.

The hot-looking Australian has been getting much attention since the 2022 ‘Fruit Salad TV’ Big Show arena tour in Australia.

A recent Tik Tok video of him has gone viral, and many parents joke that they need to have another kid as an excuse to watch the show.

@johnadamopearce Another day another slay #dothemonkey #thewiggles #transition #2023 @The Wiggles ♬ The Monkey Dance – The Wiggles

Comments include “Im glad The Wiggles are for the parents this time around.” and “This man’s about to change the wiggles target audience, “and “My son is only four weeks old, but I think he wants to watch 👀”

One woman says “I don’t remember the fruit salad being this yummy growing up.”

@johnadamopearce Excuse me brah! Everyday John vs John Wiggle 😂 #fyp #excusemebruh #zoolander #thewiggles #2023bride ♬ Excuse me BRUHH – Castro🇭🇹