Queen’s Park Introducing Stricter Protections Against Animal Abuse

Provincial Inspectors Can Now Enter Vehicles To Aid Animals Caught in Extreme Weather

New laws will be written into the books soon that are expected to better protect animals from abuse and neglect.

“I am proud to say we have followed through on our commitment to deliver a modern animal welfare system,” said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. “Ontario is now a leader in Canada when it comes to protecting animals, especially when it comes to penalties for offenders.”

The new system will come into force on January 1st, 2020, and is said to contain the strongest penalties in Canada for those who violate the law.

This newly passed legislation lets provincial inspectors enter vehicles to aid pets caught in extreme heat or cold. It also implements a new enforcement model, including inspectors to provide province-wide coverage, and those who specialize in livestock, zoos, aquariums, or equines. Additionally, the legislation updates prohibitions and obligations, such as barring a person who’s been convicted of dog fighting offenses from having their equipment returned to them, and also contains further penalties for those convicted.

This new animal welfare system was developed based on input from municipalities, police, industry, technical experts, veterinarian organizations, advocacy organizations, and the public.

Banner image courtesy Flickr