Queen’s Park sending $2.3 million to Bracebridge to help with repairs following 2019 flooding

Funding part of provincial climate mitigation pilot fund

Bracebridge has received flood recovery funds to the tune of up to $2.3 million from the province.

The money from Queen’s Park will go towards the ongoing effort to repair damaged municipal property following a historic flood in 2019.

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The Town declared a State of Emergency in April of 2019, following days of devastating flooding. Over 1,000 properties were impacted before the damaging floodwaters subsided.

In the wake of the flood, Housing Minister Steve Clark announced his ministry would be providing additional supports to the town through a climate resilience incentive, a pilot program setting aside money to help withstand severe weather events brought on by climate change.

“The Town of Bracebridge is pleased to receive these funds from the Provincial government in the wake of unprecedented flooding in 2019,” said Mayor Graydon Smith. “This money will allow us to repair and improve our local infrastructure and be better prepared should flooding occur in the future. Thank you to Premier Ford, Minister Clark and our MPP Norm Miller for their ongoing assistance.”

Some of the repairs have been completed already, according to the Town, while others are still underway. It is expected to take another two years for repairs and rehabilitation projects to be complete.