Rainbow Crosswalk Marring Called “Disturbing” By Barrie Police

Someone Intentionally Spun Out on Barrie Waterfront Locale, Leaving Black Marks Behind

Barrie Police say it is mischief, but no investigation has begun yet, after someone spun out on the rainbow crosswalk at Barrie’s waterfront.

Police Spokesperson Peter Leon tells Barrie 360 it is a disturbing act. “You certainly don’t want to see things like this happen. This is something that is a first for the city of Barrie, but when something like this happens, and it’s only been there a short period of time, it is very disturbing.”

Leon adds that police hands are tied in pursuing who is responsible for defacing the walkway. “We’re very limited in what we can do unless someone has seen something, and we have a licence plate number to follow up on. Otherwise, it is very difficult. It is a form of Mischief, no question.”

“We are hopeful that people in our city respect what that crosswalk symbolizes.” says Leon. “It is not only just a place for people to get from one side of the street to the other, it’s a symbol to the community as well.”

The rainbow crosswalk was unveiled earlier this month, after the $7,000 needed to finance it was privately raised in a matter of hours.