Razzie awards zero in on ‘Blonde,’ ‘Good Morning,’ and a couple of Tom Hanks films

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The best part of award season is finding out who’s the worst of the worst.

The Razzie nominations were announced yesterday, a tongue-in-cheek award recognizing the movies that tried their best (or didn’t) and came up short.

Winners are announced on March 11.

his year, beloved actor Tom Hank has three nominations for some unfortunate big screen appearances.

He’s nominated for worst actor in ‘Disney’s Pinocchio’ and in ‘Elvis,’ where he plays agent Colonel Tom Parker.

That film also gave him a nomination for worst on screen couple with his Latex-Laden Face.


‘Blonde’ leads with eight nominations, including worst screenplay, worst director, and worst supporting actor.

One of the funniest categories is “worst on-screen couple” which includes.

  • Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) & Mod Sun – Good Mourning
  • Both Real Life Characters in the Fallacious White House Bedroom Scene – Blonde
  • Tom Hanks & His Latex-Laden Face – Elvis
  • Andrew Dominik & His Issues with Women – Blonde
  • The Two 365 Days Sequels

feature image from Dick Thomas Johnson via flickr