Retail sales rebounding across Canada

Sales boosted by pent-up demand; government income support

Retail sales in Canada are recovering after a disastrous April.

Stats Canada reports sales increased by 18.7 per cent in May – up almost $42 billion.

Sporting goods, book, music and hobby shops led the way (101%), followed by clothing stores (92%) and car sales (66%).

The only sector that didn’t see an increase in May was grocery stores, but business had been booming there since the early days of the pandemic.

Quebec, Manitoba and the Maritime provinces had higher-than-average increases, while Ontario lagged at 14.2 per cent, likely because it was slower to reopen than most others.

As good as the results are, sales are still off 20 per cent from pre-pandemic days.

Early results for June suggest sales are up another 24 per cent.

banner image via wikimedia