Rounding Third In Memory of Connor

Third Annual Playing for Connor Charity Baseball Tournament

An upcoming baseball game holds special meaning for Emily Warren.

The Barrie woman is helping to organize the third annual Playing for Connor baseball tournament, in support for local mental health initiatives. The tourney is named in honour of her brother, who she says “lost his silent battle to mental illness because the services he needed were not easily accessible.”

“We lost Connor in January of 2015, and up until then, we never really heard about mental health; nobody really talked about it, it wasn’t talked about in schools. After we lost him, it was a shock, we didn’t know much about it, we didn’t know how much it impacted people, especially teenagers.”

The tournament will be held at the Angus Community Park on August 18th. Emily tells Barrie 360 a baseball game seemed like a good fit to remember Conner by. “After he passed away, I knew that we needed to do something so that other people didn’t have to experience what we did. A tournament idea came to me because Connor played baseball his entire life. So we decided to make a baseball tournament, and make it a fun day to remember him, and raise money for something that truly affects us all.”

Everyone participating in the tournament has to buy a custom t-shirt, worn during the big game. Emily says about nine bucks of the $20 cost goes towards covering the shirt’s manufacture, while the rest will go towards RVH youth mental health programming, and those of Connor’s former school, Nottawasaga Pines Secondary.

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