RVH announced Tuesday that visitors will not be permitted with some limited exceptions

Exceptions will be made for the emergency, pedantic and birthing unit under strict guidelines

Barrie’s Royal Victoria Health Centre (RVH) announced that it will be implementing strict limitations on visitors.

In the majority of cases, visitors will not be allowed in the hospital for the time being. This is being done to ensure the safety of staff, patients and the community amid the COVID-19 crisis. There are some exceptions to this restriction though.

The emergency department will allow one adult visitor at the discretion of the care team. Exceptions in other departments will also be made based on compassion and clinical judgment.

The birthing unit will also only be one support person in the hospital. The pediatric care unit will also only allow a single visitor in the hospital at a time.

Only the main and Atrium entrances are open at this time. Anyone who comes through will be screened before they are allowed entry. Also if you do feel unwell do not visit the health centre unless you are seeking treatment.

Georgian Bay General Hospital in Midland and Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston are making similar restrictions.