RVH Benefiting From Foundation Named for Olympic Curler

Sandra Schmirler Foundation Makes $25,000 Donation To NICU

The neonatal unit at Barrie’s hospital is $25,000 richer today, thanks to the memory of a world-class curler.

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation has donated twenty-five grand to the RVH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to help offset the costs of six new incubators. These devices will help save the lives of countless premature and critically ill newborns.

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation was created in memory of three-time World Curling champion and Olympic gold medalist Sandra Schmirler.


Banner photo courtesy Royal Victoria Hospital. From  left to right, Courtney  Houldsworth, Clinical Educator;  Lorne McMann, donor and RVH volunteer; Heather Davis, manager RVH NICU and Pediatrics, Sherry Middaugh;  Charmaine Smith, manager RVH Birthing Unit and Obstetrics.