RVH Showing Off Expansion Plans

Renovation Application Expected to Be Submitted to Province by Late 2019

Those in the know at RVH offered up a first glimpse at plans for an expansion that would double the health centre’s size.

“We know projections suggest the population of Barrie, Innisfil, and Springwater will double by 2041 with over 170,000 new residents” says RVH President and CEO Janice Skot. “To keep pace with that growth, another building needs to be added to the north campus. Most of that expansion needs to happen within the next five years.”

Draft Plans Give Hospital Staff an Idea Of What The Workplace Could Look Like When Complete

The proposed redesign would include the construction of a large, multi-tier inpatient tower on the existing site. Plans aren’t finalized so Skot can’t be specific on how tall, but suggests it could be as high as fourteen storeys.

One Concept Of The Hospital Shows How They Are Expanding Up, Not Out

Rapid population growth in the area is prompting not only the expansion of the north end hospital, but also the previously announced construction of a southern campus in Innisfil.

RVH Says It is Planning for the Future With This Expansion

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Over the past year, the health centre has done extensive consultation with area residents, stakeholders, and hospital staff to craft several redevelopment options in the form of a Master Plan that will be submitted for government approval later this year.