Safer Use Peer Support Line is there for those who use drugs

Peer Supporter will stay on the line while you use to make sure you don't OD

A local police service is throwing its support behind a new hotline designed to curb opioid overdoses in the region.

The Nottawasaga detachment of the OPP highlighted the Safer Use Peer Support Line on Monday, a phone number drug users can call to ensure they’re not using alone.

Before using drugs, call 1-888-233-5633 to speak to a peer supporter. They’ll ask some specific questions like your initials, date of birth, location, what you are going to use and how you’ll use it. The supporter will stay on the line while you use it and until you confirm you are safe.

The questions are there to allow the peer support worker the ability to provide information to emergency services if needed.

The Nottawasaga OPP also reminds the public of the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act. If you see an overdose, you can call 911 without fear of being charged with drug possession or violating parole conditions.

For more information on the Safer Use Peer Support Line, visit