Safety first in Hillsdale

Pedestrian crossing on Highway 93 getting an upgrade

It’s a busy stretch; Highway 93 through Hillsdale.

Hundreds of transport trucks and other vehicles use it daily, many drivers ignoring the posted 50 kilometre-an-hour speed limit – as well as the crossing guard at Albert Street who helps kids cross the road to and from Hillsdale Elementary School.

Springwater Township has been lobbying the Ministry of Transportation for some time for safety improvements there. The Ministry has finally approved the installation of a pedestrian signal – a set of traffic lights – to ensure traffic comes to a halt to allow pedestrians to cross safely.

Pedestrian signal located in Elmvale, which is similar to what the crossing in Hillsdale will be receiving

“Resident safety is our top priority and we are pleased to hear that our concerns were addressed by the Ministry of Transportation,” says Mayor Don Allen. “On behalf of Springwater Council, I want to thank the residents of Hillsdale who continued to express their concerns and share their stories; this project has become a reality because of your passion and enthusiasm.”

The new signal is expected to be in place by next spring. In the meantime, residents are asked to continue using the existing pedestrian crossing with extra caution.