Schools to reach out to make arrangements on getting students’ stuff back home

Who knows what's been growing in your locker this whole time?

Staff with Simcoe County’s public school board are doing some spring cleaning this week.

Families of students of the Simcoe County District School Board should be hearing from their school soon, if they haven’t already, to make arrangements to pick up items left within.

Teachers will maintain safe physical distance while collecting students’ items

As many of these items have been at school since before March Break started many weeks ago, it should be expected there will be a few science experiments growing. Regardless, staff entering these schools will be following all health and safety guidelines; parents and guardians will not be allowed in schools, but will be permitted to pick up their child’s belongings, in many cases, in sealed plastic bags.

Plans will be communicated directly to families on a school-by-school basis on how and when students’ belongings can be retrieved. It is the board’s hope to get everyone their stuff back before the end of the school year.