Science Advisory Table says some outdoor activities could resume, even if Stay-At-Home order extended

Golf, tennis and baseball considered a low-risk for virus transmission

Encouraging news, after hearing the stay-at-home order could be extended.

The scientific director of Ontario’s Science Advisory Table says outdoor activities such as golf, tennis and beach volleyball, all considered low-risk activities, could resume with some additional instruction.

“It’s absolutely doable, you just need to adhere to the rules.”

– Dr. Peter Juni, scientific director, Ontario’s COVID−19 Science Advisory Table

The science table has been critical of the restrictions on some outdoor activities; it never recommended them in the first place. It says even gatherings of ten people from two households could be done safely if distancing and masking are in play.

Simcoe Muskoka’s top doc not in favour of pulling the plug on the stay-at-home order

Dr. Peter Juni said people should wear masks if physical distancing cannot be maintained and higher−risk activities linked to many sports – like car−pooling or sharing a locker room – should be discouraged.

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones said the science table is serving up a mixed message: asking for loosened restrictions on outdoor activities, while also telling the government to limit travel so people stay home as much as possible.

“Those two issues together are actually fighting against each other,” she said. “We don’t have a golf course at the end of every street. So, we have to make sure that people continue to understand that the stay−at−home order is in place to avoid unnecessary movement.”

Juni said the science table recommended the province limit mobility to discourage high−risk activities, which could mainly lead to indoor exposure to the virus.

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