Science Table recommends schools be used as COVID vaccine clinics for kids

Would better address accessibility and equity issues

The best place to administer COVID vaccines to kids aged 5-11, when Health Canada gives its approval, would be in schools.

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Ontario’s Science Advisory Table says using schools, instead of mass vaccination centres, would better address accessibility and equity issues.

It also recommends the schools be used for evening and weekend appointments.

“If feasible, try to vaccinate children in the school they attend, including evening or weekend school-based vaccine clinics, to enable a familiar setting to be leveraged while allowing parents to be present if desired,” the report states. “While pop-up clinics can be set up in other locations (e.g., hockey rinks, sports clubs, community centres), schools provide among the broadest and most equitable community reach.”

A thumbs-up from Health Canada to vaccinate young children is expected soon. Pfizer recently submitted a formal application to the agency to approve its vaccine for younger children.

feature image: mass vaccination clinic, Barrie – Barrie 360