Scribes: Holy Trinity Goes Silent

by Jamie White, Holy Trinity Catholic High School

On November 28, 2018, students from Holy Trinity Catholic High School (HT) in Bradford took a vow of silence to create awareness for the cause of their choice.

The campaign was inspired by the WE charity’s original vision to educate the world on numerous global issues. With both their voices and their devices, students went silent, in solidarity, to represent the unheard, unrepresented and underprivileged. They were able to prove how big a difference they could make if they all worked together.

The “We Are Silent” day was organized by HT’s social justice team.

Leading up to the day of silence, the club wrote and delivered daily announcements that contained several facts about worldwide social injustice:

  • 31 million primary school-aged girls are denied their right to an education
  • half of the entire world’s children are engaged in child labour
  • a third of students aged 12-18 are bullied.

It was incredibly impactful and eye-opening for students to hear the struggles and issues that were affecting children their own age. HT students were immediately inspired and wanted to help.
Over 75% of the school participated in the vow of silence and the school atmosphere was silent, yet powerful. It was truly amazing that Holy Trinity students were able to come together and create awareness for the injustices in our world.

The impact of this campaign did not go unnoticed, because everyone felt empowered to create a better world and realized that when we are together, we are stronger.