SCRIBES: Let Nothing Be Wasted

by Jamie White, Holy Trinity Catholic High School

featuring the work of student journalists at Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District Schools

Recycling is one of the most complicated and misunderstood, yet extremely important issues that affect our world.

When someone thinks of recycling, putting plastics and paper in their appropriate bins usually comes to mind. However, Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Bradford is striving to achieve a different level of “being green”.

A Grade 12 religion class, taught by the Chaplain, Mr MacGregor, has begun to transform the school’s garden. The class has removed numerous trees from the front of the school through vigorous digging and shovelling. The students have really come together and have become extremely enthusiastic about giving the school a new “landscape”.

While the religion class’ hard work has improved the outside look of the school, that was not the main objective. The trees, shrubs, and bushes that have been pulled out are going to be recycled and made into a biblical garden. A biblical garden is a group of cultivated plants that are named in the Bible. In order to make this garden, the school will be reusing materials to ensure nothing is wasted. Food scraps from the cafeteria will be composted into the soil instead of being thrown in the garbage and the trees will be cut into mulch and placed on the ground surrounding the garden. The class hopes to grow fruits and vegetables, named in the Bible, and give them back into the community. Whether it is our school breakfast program or a family in need, Holy Trinity students want to make a difference within their local community.

While this biblical garden is a great way for students to do their part in the neighbourhood, it will also be the perfect place for religion classes to part-take in outdoor classes and experience another, more interactive, way of learning. Signs are going to be created and placed in various areas of the garden with biblical passages inscribed on them. Holy Trinity’s biblical garden will be a place for the school community to immerse themselves in nature, prayer and tranquillity, while doing something meaningful in the town of Bradford.