SCRIBES: The Hole in the Wall

by Brady Lorenz and Shaunacy Barron, St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School, Barrie

featuring the work of young journalists from Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District High Schools

Every school has one thing that makes it unique, something that students find endearing and a source of pride. Whether it’s a design characteristic (or perhaps excellent student journalists), a tradition, or a beloved teacher, we all have something that makes our school special. St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Barrie is not an exception.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School in Barrie features a spectacular cafeteria area coupled with a chapel. Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School in Orillia has a really great way to welcome future Grade 9’s to their annual open house. What does St. Joe’s have to offer, you may ask? Whether it was an architectural blunder or a builder’s mistake St. Joe’s has something equally awesome, and just as sacred to its students. And what might that be?

A hole in a wall.

That’s right folks, you heard it here first. St. Joe’s features an extraordinary hole in the wall that is literally the hub for all of the great things that happen at our high school.

Need tickets to the Monsignor Clair Cup? Go to the hole in the wall!

Need tickets to the semi-formal? Go to the hole in the wall!

Need to order a yearbook? Go to the hole in the wall!

Going out to grab a bite to eat with friends? Meet at the hole in the wall!

“See you at the hole in the wall!”

It’s a beloved spot within our high school, whether you’re a shy and timid kid in Grade 9, or a wise and confident Grade 12 student. Everyone knows where the hole in the wall is. It’s just one more reason why we love St. Joe’s.