Second plane en route to China to get more Canadians out of Wuhan

The first planeload of Canadians arrived at CFB Trenton last week

Another group of Canadians wanting to leave Wuhan, the Chinese city locked down because of the Coronavirus, will be on its way home this week.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne told a news conference in Ethiopia Sunday that a second plane has left for Asia.

He said the number of passengers who will board is still being compiled but he expects the flight will be full when it leaves Wuhan.

“The plane would be leaving on the 10th of February, bringing back the last group of Canadians who want to be repatriated on the 11th,” said Champagne.

The first plane carrying Canadians out of Wuhan arrived at CFB Trenton on Friday. The 176 passengers are being kept at the base under quarantine for 14 days to make sure they don’t get sick.

The Coronavirus outbreak has killed 813 people. Only two of the victims are from outside mainland China.

The death toll tops the number of people killed by SARS in 2003.

The majority of the more than 34,500 people infected by the new virus are from China.