$13 t-shirt sells out at Walmart after being featured on Succession: No spoilers about final episode

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No spoilers here, I promise, unless we’re talking about wardrobe.

A t-shirt worn by actor Kieran Culkin in the final episode of Succession is available at Walmart for $13 and has reportedly sold out.

The final episode of the award-winning drama aired on Sunday night, but one odd thing fans noticed was the incredibly casual blue shirt worn by the character Roman Roy, played by Culkin.

Typically, the family is shown wearing power suits or expensive active wear. Even their vacation scenes have the cast wearing clothes that cost a mortgage payment for the average person, such as button-up linen shirts.

Culkin’s simple shirt with striped sleeves was a different choice for the Roman character.

Fans figured out quickly where to get it, which is reportedly in the kid’s section of Walmart.

Fans reacted on social media with one person joking, “Stuff you absolutely didn’t have on your Succession bingo card: Roman’s finale shirt was from Wally World.”

Someone took stock of what siblings, Shiv and Kendall, wore in the scene, and Roman stood out.

So, there you have it. Thanks to Kieran Culkin, you, too, can dress like a billionaire.


feature image from succession instagram